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Bernie the Bolt

Cloth Merchant

A truly enormous range of fabrics from £2.00 per metre!

The Greenman

An assortment of Green Man wares including plaques and walking sticks with a difference!


Viking wares

Phoenix Leather & Crafts

Phoenix Leather & Crafts are heathen/Viking leather traders and they also craft a variety of other goods, including bespoke beaded necklaces, bracelets, and silver jewellery. Their craftsmanship reflects a deep appreciation for traditional Viking aesthetics and a commitment to attention to detail. When it comes to leather goods, these traders take great care in selecting high-quality leather materials to ensure durability and something that is designed to last for years.
Whether it's bags, hair barrettes, leather arm bracers, bracelets, wallets, belts, or any other leather item, each piece is meticulously designed and handcrafted. Intricate patterns carved by hand and decorative stitching are a common feature, showcasing their expertise and dedication to their craft. 

Their bespoke beaded necklaces and bracelets are unique creations, carefully assembled with a variety of vibrant and meaningful beads. The combination of colours, textures, and patterns is thoughtfully chosen to create beautiful and personalized pieces of jewellery.

They also specialize in crafting antler-topped staffs, which serve both practical and symbolic purposes. These staffs have pyrography decoration and they are finished, with the antler accents adding a practical use and also a deep connection to nature.

They also sell wooden plaques and Elder Futhark rune sets. The wooden plaques are burnt on with pyrography and show traditional Viking patterns. The Elder Futhark rune sets are available in wood and sea glass. Each set is carefully crafted and no two sets are the same.

In addition to these items, the traders create ceramic offering bowls. Each bowl is skillfully shaped and adorned with intricate patterns or symbols, reflecting attention to detail and a deep reverence for ceremonial practices.

Whether you are a fellow enthusiast or someone new to Viking Festivals, these traders like to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all who visit their stall.

& many more including...

Malcolm Ruffel - basket weaver (with demonstrations)

Tradewinds - ethically sourced and fairtrade gifts jewellery and crafts

Leather Pear - historic and historic inspired leather goods

Roving apothecary - spiced infused honey, teabags, essential oils

Mythacarium - experienced fine artist specialising in horses destriers and British wildlife

Iduna Crafts - viking and saxon clothing, tablet weaving

Cartboot - medieval armour, chain mail, viking helmets,  viking clothing

Hide'n'Teak - crafts and original artwork using natural and recycled materials

Herts fabric - fabrics, braids

Wood n Clay

Snow Raven Moon

Bewitched -  upcycled/recycled goods, witch boxes, tarot, incense, 
aromatherapy sprays and melts with herbs

Indian Temple - ethnic and fairtrade clothing

Nature's Harvest - delicious fudge

Magic of Wonders - children's toys and figurines

Genes Gems and Crystals

Bluebird Emporium - painted shell necklaces, jewellery, curios and vintage pre-owned clothing
Bibs Viking Stargazer - stools and crafts

Practical Magick - pagan goods and witchy curiosities

Food & Drink

The Afon Mêl Mead Hall and The Stagger Inn

Afon Mêl is a small, family-run bee farm business based on the outskirts of New Quay, in West Wales.
They produce award-winning mead and are the only meadery in the UK to have been awarded a Great Taste Golden Fork Award.

The Stagger Inn is a Medieval Inn with staff in authentic costume and where ever possible period authentic ales, ciders and meads.

The Toco Coffee Company

Brazilian Artisan Coffee

Spencer's Baked

Freshly Baked Potatoes,  locally sourced white and sweet potatoes with healthy homemade toppings and sides.
Alongside hot drinks.
Disposables are 100% biodegradable!

Larkins Midland Catering

Burgers and more!

Toast on Cheese

Cheese Toastie Van

Tin Canteen

Sweet and Savoury Crepes

Belles GF Bakes

Gluten Free Cakes

more to be confirmed...